About Us

Turnbull Constructions is a family owned building company located at Scarborough, operated by Tony Turnbull, a third generation builder. All of our team are specialised tradesman who for some, have being working alongside us for well over 20 years. Trust and loyalty are important factors in our workers and we have great faith in knowing that each and every type of work undertaken by them is of the highest quality.


We take pride in every job and treat each building project as if it were our own. We aim to deliver a high quality service to our clients and know that our finished product is one that has met every standard we set out to achieve. We cut no corners and can safely say our work is held in high regard in our industry. Clients can trust that we will make their experience of building with us, one that they can look back on with no regrets and nothing but positive memories.

We include every single aspect in our quotes and leave nothing out so there are no hidden costs that clients need to be afraid of. We are upfront from the start and want our clients knowing and understanding exactly what their jobs include so there can be no misunderstandings or confusion at any stage during the building process.


With over 30 years experience of building new homes, small unit developments, renovations and extensions, we have gained a reputation of being one of the best quality builders in the area. Our reputation has been long standing and we take great pride in having past clients continually come back to us knowing that their trust is well earned and past experiences ones that they remember with great satisfaction.
Queensland Master Builders have acknowledged us with a Certificate of Appreciation as being a long serving member for over 30 years of which we are extremely proud.


When building with us you deal with the builder from start to finish and we will keep you informed of all developments along the way. There is no middle man to have to go through – our clients know from week to week what stage their project is at and we encourage open communication. We know what an important job it is to be making people's dreams and visions become a reality and enjoy seeing and hearing the satisfaction from our clients when that occurs.

We will not leave your job until it is finished – this we state from the start. Your job is the most important job we do.